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Head Mount Transmitters


F11-40 Series

The F11-40 series is a basic, non-isolated, easy-to-use two-wire transmitter for in-head mounting in DIN B and similar heads. Reduced height simplifies mounting in low profile connection heads. Needing no external power supply other than your LOOP power, the F11-40 can be used for three or four wire RTDs; as well as, thermocouple calibration types B, C (W5), E, J, K, N, R, S & T.

Thermocouple input cold junction compensation (CJC) is fully automatic by means of an accurate measurement of the terminal temperature. Alternatively, the CJC can be disabled upon request. Also available are head mount enclosures with digital displays. Either regular duty or heavy duty, NEMA rated head mount displays.

Head Mount Transmitters
Temperature Ranges and Specifications
Input RTD
3-,4 Wire Connection
Pt100 (A=0.00385)
Pt1000 (A=0.00385)
PtX10 aXx 1000 (a= 0.00385)
R100 (a=0.003902)
R100 (a=0.003916)
Ni100 (1)
Ni1000 (1)
-200 to 1000°C / -328 to 1832°F
-200 to 200°C / -328 to 392°F
Upper Range Depending on X-Value
-200 to 1000°C / -328 to 1832°F
-200 to 1000 C / -328 to 1832°F
-60 to 250 C / -76 to 482°F
-10 to 150 C / 14 to 302°F
Input Thermocouples
Sensor FailureUpscale, Downscale or Off
Adjustments - ZeroAny Value within Range Limits
Minimum Spans100 either F or C
Output4-20 Temperature linear
Operating Temperature-40 TO 85 C / -40 to 185 F
Galvanic IsolationNo
Power Supply8 to 36 VDC
Typical Accuracy+-0.15% of Temperature Span
Connection HeadDIN B or Larger
Head Mount Transmitters
  • Accepts RTD in three and four wire connection and 11 thermocouple types
  • NAMUR compliant
  • Easy wiring, robust terminals and large center hole
  • Rugged design tested for 5g vibrations
Head Mount Transmitters
Upper Specified Information (programmed by NANMAC)
  • Input Sensor Type
  • Cold Junction (thermocouple only, default is 32°F / 0°C)
  • Temperature Scale F or C
  • Temperature Range (full sensor range as default)
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