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Head Mount Transmitters


F11-50 Series

The F11-50 is a universal, isolated two-wire teansmitter. Used for temperature and other measurement applications, it combines competitive functionslly and simple configuration. This device is also avaible with these special ratings: FM, ATEX, and HART communication. Contact us for your specific requirement. All user specified information is programmed by Nanmac.

Head Mount Digital
Temperature Ranges ans Specifications
Input RTD
3-,4-wire connection
R100 (a=0.00385)
R1000 (a=0.00385)
PtX10 aXx 1000 (a= 0.00385)
R100 (a=0.003902)
R100 (a=0.003916)
Ni100 (1)
Ni1000 (1)
-200 to 1000 C / -328 to 1832 F
-200 to 200 C / -328 to 392 F
Upper Range Depending on X-VaIue
-200 to 1000 C / -328 to 1832 F
-200 to 1000 C / -328 to 1832 F
-60 to 250 C / -76 to 482 F
-00 to 150 C / 14 to 302 F
Input Potentiometer ResistanceDight_Height_value
Operating Temperature3-,4-wire connection, 0-2000
Input ThermocouplesTypes:
Input mV-10 to 500 mV
Sensor FailureUser Definable Output
Adjustments - ZeroAny value Within Range Limits
Munimum Spans100 eithter F or C
Output4-20 / 20-4 mA, Temperature Linear
Operating Temperature-40 to 85 C / -40 to 185 F
Galvanic Isolation1500 VAC 1min.
Power SupplyF11-50: 6.S to 36 VDC
F11-SCFM. 8 to 30 VDC
F11-5&ATEX: 8 to 30 VDC
Intrinsic SatetyATEX:II (1) G [EExia1 LIC T4-T6 FM:Class I-III, Div.1, Gr. A-G
Typical Accuracy+0.1% of Temperature Span
Connection HeadDIN B or Larger
Head Mount Transmitters
Special Ratings:
  • For FM approved device, add suffix 'FM' to the part number.
  • For ATEX approved device, add suffix 'ATEX' to the part number.
  • For HART compatible communications device, add suffix 'HART' to the part number
  • For FM or ATEX plus HART communication add suffix 'FM' or 'ATEX' plus 'HART' to the part number. Example: F11-50-FM-HART, or F11-50-ATEX-HART
User Specified Information (programmed by NANMAC)
  • Input Sensor Type
  • Cold Junction (thermocouple only, defauk Is 32°F / 0 C}
  • TemperaMre Scale °F or T
  • Temperature Ra.nge (MII sensor range as default)
  • Sensor Break Detection (upscale or downscale - upscale is default
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