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Industrial Base Metal Thermocouples

with Standard Size Connector Attached

A14A Series

Our Industrial Base Metal Thermocouples offer a wide variety of ceramic insulated thermocouples in a large selection of wire sizes. All standard thermocouples (types E, J, K & T) come with a standard length of 12 inch leads. Noble metal and refractory wire elements (types B, C, D, R & S) come with a standard element length of six inches. Other sizes and/or lengths are available upon request.

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Mullite ceramic insulators are recommended for use with base metal thermocouple wire and elements types E, J, K, N & T. High purity Alumina oxide is recommended for use with noble or refractory thermocouple wire and elements, types B, C, D, R & S. Alumina is suitable for up to 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit. Mullite (60% AL 2 O 3 / 39% SiO 2 ) is suitable to 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Style 2 Shown for Clarity
  • Length does not include approximately one inch of bare wire at the terminating end.
  • These units are also available with short ball and socket insulators for units required to bend, curve, etc.
  • Contact factory with your specific requirements. Typically a sketch is required to quote these unique designs.
  • When ordering, specify series (A14A) and Part No. by specifying each of the four characteristics from columns A- B-C-D. Example. A14A-2-14-K-24 (specifies a duplex 14 gauge, type K, 24 inch long element)
  • All units come standard with a twist and welded junction. If you request no twist, specify by adding the suffix NT Example. A14A-2-14-K-24-NT

When ordering, specify Part No. and fill in the 4 letter blocks Example: A14A-2-20-K-24 (specifies a Style 2 duplex thermocouple with 20 gauge Type K elements and length of 24 inches

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