World Class Solutions

Are you frustrated with getting poor service and little engineering support when you call the other companies? Well, we can comfortably say that when you call us—we know what we are talking about! And we can help solve your problem in a timely and cost effective way.

What sets us apart is that we can provide you with some of the best engineering talent in the business. Examples include staff members that are involved with setting ASTM standards, are certified ISO examiners or have their PHDs in their prospective fields of experience.

Our experience over the past 60 years in providing solutions to a wide variety of industries gives us a deep background in the many unique and successful ways TCs and RTDs are used in different industrial processes. Combine that practical experience with design engineers that have a wide range of knowledge in allied fields like thermodynamics and material sciences and we can produce a superior product that will meet your needs. Some examples below.


Herb Dwyer, COO/GM

Randy Clarksean, PhD