Feed Thru Vacuum

Instrumentation & Thermocouple Feedthroughs

Pipe Thread • Conical Metal-to-Metal • O-Ring Seals


Insulated electrical Feedthroughs provide a ready-to-use package, from two to twelve insulated electrical wires per unit. Having flexible insulated leads on the pressure side (dimension C-only one pair shown for clarity) and one inch of bare wire on the ambient side. These electrical sealing glands can also be used to carry electrical current up to 0.8 amperes if desired. A wide choice of instrumentation feedthrough glands are available for a variety of applications, including various thermocouple calibrations, various termination styles, and configurations for the ambient side (lead wire, connectors, etc.)

Units are made with stainless steel glands and have either O-ring (OR series), pipe thread (A series), or conical (HP series) metal-to-metal seals. They can be rated for use from low vacuum to 20,000 psi and temperatures to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. All standard glands contain #24 gage (0.020″) AWG solid copper conductors inside a 1/8 inch diameter stainless steel tube. These copper conductors are insulated from each other and the tube wall by a high-temperature ceramic. The 1/8 inch stainless steel tubes containing the copper conductors are flexible and can be bent to almost any desired angle in a radius as small as 1/2 inch. The stainless steel tube provides excellent shielding for each pair of conductors against unwanted electromagnetic noise or stray voltage pickup.

Contact our factory with your requirement. Although these come fully assembled and ready to use, the various options available may require detailed communication with our Nanmac technical team.

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