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Hose Clamp Thermocouples

Easily installed around most any pipe or drum. Provides accurate, convenient measurement in any thermocouple calibration.

Economical with Compression Unions

Standard tube size easily fits into these thermocouples or RTD tube unions for quick installation and accurate process temperatures.

High Performance with Sanitary Unions

Flared flange connection in the KF design. All thermocouple types or RTDs installed to measure accurate skin temperature on the pipeline.

High Performance with Pipe Unions (NPT)

Thermocouples or RTDs mounted into standard NPT size unions, male or female connections, sanitary design.

High Performance with Compression Unions

Connect your flowing process directly to this thermocouple or RTD union for accurate internal measurement of the gas or flowing liquid.

High Performance with Flared Unions

Thermocouples or RTDs designed for pipelines having flared union connections. Sanitary design for most any application.