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Handheld Infrared

Handheld infrared temperature device, two modes to choose from, with or without emissivity controls.

Thermocouple Simulator

Simulate or measure thermocouple output for calibrating your controllers, indicators, and data acquisition systems.

Handheld Thermometer

Handheld high accuracy thermocouple meter with data logging memory. Easily connects to your PC, software is included.

Handheld Thermometer

Handheld meter for various thermocouple inputs, rugged design, dual scale with loads of functionality.

In-Head Heavy Duty

High resolution LCD display with 4-20 mAmp output for local temperature indication and remote monitoring in hazardous areas.


Pre-programmed LCD for local display easily mounted on a thermocouple or process connection (4-20 mAmp output).

Panel Mount, 1/8 DIN

Large, bright LED for process variable display, with or without control functions.

Dual-Lin 6-Digit Temperature Meter

Front panel display, multiple sensor averaging, Meterview® Pro software, digital communications, feild expansion modules.

Process Controllers

Temperature, RTD, and various process controls available in DIN sized panel mount devices. Various functionality to choose from.

Temperature & Process Display & Control

Feature rich, and simple to use, two display sizes, versatile Operation.